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What is SAP IDM?

SAP IDM Overview
SAP IDM Overview
SAP IDM stands for SAP Identity Management. Today, in a complex working environment businesses face many challenges maintaining their user accounts. SAP identity management helps businesses to deal with the complex system to maintain different identities centrally consisting both SAP and non SAP systems.

Applying workflow technology it allows approved user data facilitating self-service management of user data. Companies nowadays are facing huge difficulties associated with identity management. Fair access to applications with respect to time and making data secured is a necessity for a corporation to guarantee.

Aside from this it also has to be guaranteed that obtaining assets of the company are matching company policies and legal judgments. SAPVITS includes all these important in its SAP IDM Online Training curriculum.

Functions and Characteristics of SAP Identity Management

  • Efficiently manage segregation of responsibilities and stop the demolition of organization rules and procedures.
  • Allows business-driven identity management. Once a principal mechanism is built into your corporation by effectively maintaining the user with the number of application an organization can enjoy greater benefits.
  • Improved data consistency and reduce complexity managing heterogeneous environments.
  • The cost acquired on service desk area can be limited as tool work on self-benefit approach and aid password reset or lost the password. 
  • Empowering access to clients based on roles and giving benefits instead of the technical directory structure. 
  • Different audit reports can be produced based on current access and past occasions. The procedure shows straightforwardness keeping up get to rights for a client and authoritative consent. 
  • The tool spares time and assets by empowering clients to refresh their profile once with a simple password to sign on.
  • The tool isn't exorbitantly creating high profitability maintaining a strategic distance from security hazard and infringement of any rules and policies. 
  • Helps in keeping up the life cycle of a client and incite any unapproved access. 
  • With a perspective view of the virtual identity of clients, it coordinates and leverage data regarding identity and access rights crosswise over systems. 
  • Rule-driven work processes and endorsement process.

The architecture of SAP IDM

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management comprises of two primary parts: 

  1. Identity Center 
  2. Virtual Directory Server 

Identity Center 

The Identity Center contains a focal place for putting away Identity information - the alleged Identity Store. The information in the Identity Store is situated in the Identity Center Database. The Identity Center is additionally in charge of provisioning Identity information into different associated frameworks and furthermore recovering Identity information from frameworks.

Virtual Directory Server 

The Virtual Directory Server enables you to virtually consolidate numerous information sources under one umbrella - the Virtual Directory - which can be questioned utilizing standard conventions like for instance Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Advantages of SAP IdM

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management helps in client provisioning by advertising: 

  • One focal place to oversee clients in SAP applications paying little heed to the individual information stores.
  • Mapping of one client to identities in all frameworks, and completely auditable client access over the whole IT scene.
  • Concentrated reporting usefulness to address the squeezing requirement for consistency and audit capacity utilizing the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse segment.
  • Coordinates firmly with organization's business processes.
  • Password-reset and lost-password administration usefulness for end clients, mitigating help-work area workload and decreasing operational expenses.


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